Vibrating Screen Working Characteristic

Vibrating screen is a new type of multi-layer, high-efficiency vibrating screen with circular motion. It uses cylindrical eccentric shaft exciter and partial block to adjust amplitude, material sieve has long running line and many sieving specifications. Vibrating screen has the characteristics of reliable structure, strong exciting force, high sieving efficiency, low vibration noise, durability, convenient maintenance and safe use. It is widely used in mining, building materials, transportation, energy and chemical industries. Product classification.

Performance advantages

1. Using cylindrical eccentric shaft exciter and bias block to adjust the amplitude is simple to use and convenient to maintain.

2. Vibrating screen adopts spring steel braided screen mesh or punching screen plate, which has long service life and is not easy to plug.

3. Structural reliability, strong exciting force, high screening efficiency, low vibration noise and durability.

4. Vibrating screen uses vibration motor as excitation source, which is easy to use and maintain.