How to Improve the Working Efficiency of Sand Making Machine?

With the drying up of natural sand, artificial sand has been widely used to replace natural sand in construction, highway, railway, water conservancy and other industries. Therefore, the demand for sand making machine is quite large. Under this background, we have developed and manufactured special stone sand making equipment. It can dig down most of the stones from the mountains, such as limestone, bluestone, marble and so on, and eventually the finished sand can be comparable to the natural sand in grain shape.

sand making machine

Sand making machine is different from typical impact sand-making machine. It uses hammer head to impact stone to make sand. It is commonly called hammer sand making machine or double-rotor sand-making machine. The customer reaction of selecting this equipment on the production line of mechanical sand is also good. The advantages of this type of equipment are mainly manifested in three aspects.

1. The structure is simpler and more humanized. First of all, it includes the shell, hammer head, two rotors and sieve plate, etc. There is an investigation door under the sand machine, which can open and observe the condition of the equipment processing stones at any time, so as to facilitate the maintenance of the equipment.

2. The feed size is larger. The feed size of the general sand machine is usually about 50 mm, and the stone sand machine can allow the feed size of 150 mm, or even 250 mm. This shows that the stone between 50mm and 250mm can avoid crushing process and reduce equipment investment.

3. The hammer head of the main working parts is made of high hardness and good wear resistance material. It has a long service life, which reduces the economic and time cost of replacing parts and directly improves the customer's return rate.