Portable crusher plant environmental protection concept

The portable crusher plant is a high-efficiency crushing device. It adopts self-driving method, advanced technology and complete functions. This portable crusher plant can reach any position on the work site under any terrain conditions. This reduces the handling of the material and facilitates the coordination of all auxiliary machinery. The wireless remote control makes it easy to drive the crusher onto the trailer and transport it to the job site. Because there is no need to assemble time, the equipment can be put into operation as soon as it arrives at the job site. The E-type portable crusher plant has a large crushing ratio, and its optimized design can meet the most demanding technical characteristics of the crusher, with high productivity and uniform uniformity of finished product.

Wide use of portable crusher plant:
1. portable screening crushing equipment has the characteristics of multi-function operation.
2. It is widely used in mines, recycling of coal mines, garbage and construction waste, earth and stone works, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites.
3. Treatment of topsoil and other materials; separation of viscous concrete aggregates; construction and blasting industry; screening after crushing; quarrying industry.

Portable crusher plant environmental protection concept: Noise muffler in portable crusher plant, the best noise absorbing system, compact and flexible equipment, more able to meet the construction waste breaking operation between urban areas, effective dust removal system, suitable diesel engine noise discharge status, release system can be remote Control hydraulics to remove obstacles in the portable crusher plant, pre-screening device greatly improves crushing efficiency.