Influence efficiency of the sand making machine

Why does the sand return of the sand making machine affect the power? The ratio of back to sand is controlled between 300% and 500%, that is, the amount of sand back to the sand making machine is 3~5 times the original amount, and the effect is better. The small amount of return of sand in the sand making machine first affects the increase of productivity. It is calculated that the back sand ratio of hard ore is larger than that of soft ore in the same amount of total load.

The amount of sand return of the sand making machine, the original quantity of the crushing equipment and the granularity of the overflow are mutually supported and mutually restricted. It can be said that if the sand returning volume of the sand making equipment is increased to a higher level than that of the regular amount, it will see that the output of the equipment will also be altered, which is made up of the increase of the ore volume, or the change of the water volume, and the decrease of the water volume will result in the overflow concentration too low.