VSI5X Sand Making Machine Widely Used in Sand Making Plant

In recent years, with the rapid pace of infrastructure construction and the increasing demand for sand and stone, high performance Sand Making Equipment is needed to meet a large amount of demand for building sand. VSI5X sand making machine is a crushing sand making equipment. It is a representative product in the production field of domestic sand making equipment. It embodies the technology and production process of the manufacturer of domestic sand making equipment. It is a model of the perfect combination of professional crushing technology and mechanical manufacturing.

VSI5X sand making machine has introduced the latest design technology of German mining machinery industry, and has a number of independent patent rights, and another breakthrough in the manufacturing field of sand and gravel production equipment. It can not only provide high quality sand and stone aggregate for expressway, high speed railway, high-rise building, municipal engineering, hydropower dam construction, port wharf and concrete mixing station, but also have extensive application in the fields of metal ore crushing, quartz sand production, steel slag treatment and so on.

Sand making machine is widely used in sand-making production line. Sand-stone production line mainly consists of three parts: feeding part, crushing part and screening part.

The feeding part is the place where the raw material is transported. It can perform the work of vibration in the feeding link according to the technological process of crushing and sieving. In the production line, the feeder is usually used to make it responsible for the supply of raw materials.
The broken part is the most important part of the entire line of production. Its main role is to break all kinds of raw materials into the finished product granularity of the customers, and there can be a number of crushers in a production line, and the mechanical properties are different, but they need to work together, so the compatibility between them is compatible. Sex is very important. The screening part is to separate the sand from the stone after the material is broken, and then transport the ingredients out after the classification, and then recycle the unqualified material.