environmental protection of sand making machine

With the state's advocacy of low carbon environmental protection mode, the development of green mines has become the necessity of transformation and upgrading in the twenty-first Century. Therefore, in the environment protection, sand maker machine as the core equipment of the production mechanism sand of the stone plant, how to choose the most important, not only to have reasonable structure design, but also efficient, intelligent, more durable.

In view of the increasing demand for large-scale, intensive, energy saving, environmental protection and high quality mechanism sand in the sand and gravel market, through the combination of the learning of new technology at home and abroad with its own years of production experience, we have further optimized the structure and function of the impact breaking, and thus successfully introduced a new generation of high efficiency and low cost system. Sand and plastic equipment.

1. For environmental protection, the new sand making machine, with environmental protection as its core, has less dust and low noise. It is used with high efficiency pulse duster and silencing equipment, and the dust free operation site is completely realized.

2. for intelligent endorsement: using high and new sand technology design, equipment operation more intelligent, remote computer control sand production site, without site operators, work flexible, safe, stable, reliable.

3. for longevity: durable, wear-resistant steel, combined with craftsmanship and careful production technology, to ensure the quality of the equipment and prolong the service life, the average failure rate is about 60% lower than the old type sand making machine.

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