Nowadays in the sand making machine market,  the variety of sand making machine is more and more indicating that the variety of sand and stone which can be consumed is more and more. So it deals with the demand of people without the same sand and the perfect union of sand making machine and vibrating screen, so that the sand and stone without the same granularity will leave, so that the sand and stone will be used.

The sand making machine consists of rotor, spindle, crushing chamber, motor, transmission device, automatic control system, lubrication system and steel structure. The main wear parts of the sand making machine are wear resistant and impact resistant alloy materials, such as rotor base, hopper, disel and anvil, and are long life and easy to replace. In the working process, the aggregate is injected into the rotor of high speed rotating, which makes the aggregate get some energy to throw out and collide with the fixed plate to produce energy conversion, thus the principle of aggregate breakage is realized. Because of the advanced lubrication and control system and scientific design concept, the sand making machine has high reliability, large crushing ratio, strong handling capacity, good grain size, and even the production of sand and stone grade. From the view of production capacity and sand making effect, it can completely replace the grinding machine to meet the national base. The requirements for the production of sand and gravel used in the construction of basic engineering.

The sand making machine is used in the dry sand process, which completely changes the defects of high energy consumption, high water consumption and dust pollution in the traditional sand making process. The quality stability of the finished sand is solved by the new sand making process of breaking generation grinding. The production of sand and gravel is less, the grain shape is full and the gradation is good, and the finished product is not produced.