How to improve the output of construction waste crusher?

Construction waste refers to construction units or individuals of all kinds of buildings and structures, pipelines and other construction, laying or dismantling and repairing produced in the process of waste, waste soil, waste material, waste and other construction waste crushing station without moving or fixed construction waste crushing equipment processing waste. Construction waste crusher is a new energy saving and efficient crushing equipment. It is widely used in building materials, railways, mines and other industries. It has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, large production capacity, uniform crushing granularity and so on.

How to improve the output of construction waste crusher

1. Suitable equipment model

Different customers on material production requirements and crushing degree are different, such as the choice of the type of inconsistent not only affects the production capacity, will accelerate the wear of equipment, reduce equipment life, so users of the material crushing equipment should be appropriate to choose the type of.

2. sufficient material resources

When the material is broken, the material should be sufficient. If the material is insufficient, it will not only affect the progress of production, but also have a certain impact on the output.

3. Regular maintenance and repair

For the construction of garbage crusher to do regular maintenance and maintenance is the key equipment in normal operation, not only can effectively increase the service life of the equipment, but also can improve the production capacity of equipment, increase the yield of the equipment.

4. the reasonable layout of the installation base

On the construction of garbage crusher installation should choose to place a flat and broad, because no matter which production process is composed by a group of equipment, and these devices only be fixed firmly and reasonable layout to realize the production yield more.