New development of mineral grinding technology

Grinding of ore and other materials more finely, can make production more efficient, can save a lot of cost, and can make tailings recovery processing become simple. The fineness of grinding and discharging products discussed here refers to the P80 granularity of 20 m and 7 m, which needs to be produced in the production line of energy cost and low cost mill. If you want to reach the fineness, in the production line equipment selection, the general selection of ultrafine Ore Milling Equipment as the main milling equipment, mineral particle monomer dissociation required electric energy consumption accounted for about 70% of the total cost of mineral processing plant, in the application of conventional milling equipment will grind mineral size to 2020 m below, the traditional in ultrafine grinding when the cost of grinding and grinding fineness decreases with increasing exponential function.

A problem with the traditional grinding fine grinding mill is the mineral speed is relatively low, because when the mill speed is higher than the critical speed, the grinding medium by centrifugal force together with the rotary cylinder, power low speed mill is relatively low, in fine grinding, grinding and high processing capacity required for low power intensity mill can not meet the mineral industry, it must increase the equipment, which in turn increases the production cost, in order to solve these problems, need to use the traditional mill diameter greater than 20mm steel ball, the steel ball gap so large is great, the fineness of grinding in small particles of 2020 m is too large, the material of small the magic ball impact and grinding pressure can not form a fine effect, but increase the magic wear rate, make the production line to produce a large number of substandard products. Therefore, the traditional mill in the high demand of production requirements, appear more and more no ability, production contradiction is also urgent need to solve.

Based on this, brought the dawn of birth of new ore milling equipment for ultra fine mineral material, which has a fixed grinding chamber, small grinding medium, with a high speed rotating agitator operation in a mill, stirring mill rely on high intensity mixing effect, effectively promote the grinding medium small rotating at high speed a lot of compression, rotation of the dielectric layer, the dielectric layer can produce a lot of surface pressure and torsion, the crushed material to a suitable size. The test and actual operation of the new type of grinding equipment, the effect is very significant, is a classic of new grinding equipment.