Four Characteristics Made Raymond Mill Popular

According to the powder processing technology accumulated for many years, combined with the actual production situation of the production line, the traditional grinding machine has carried on many aspects of innovation to the Raymond Mill's mechanism. New type of Raymond mill has excellent performance in the production process of calcite, dolomite, talc, kaolin, barite, fluorite, Jin Hongshi and other non metallic mineral, calcite fineness adjustment to 1250 mesh, the yield can reach 450kg/h, motor power 23KW, low energy consumption and high cost.
(1) stability
The transmission mode of the main engine is reformed and the operation is more stable. The traditional part of the analysis machine is changed into two isolation from the inside of the vertical hanging drive cavity by the cavity dragging type, thereby enhancing the stability and durability of the work.
(2) grinding efficiency
The adjustment of the roller structure and the liner curve can make the grinding roller and the grinding roll shaft work in a complementary way, so as to improve the production efficiency.
(3) ventilation is good
The bellows and the air duct are changed from the original horizontal bottom to 30 degrees inclined to the center to form bucket shape, so as to realize the unimpeded flow and material transmission, and ensure the production effect of the finished material.
(4) zero dust pollution
The traditional two stage collection was changed into four level collection. One or two stage collection with negative pressure locking type collection, no dust overflow, three or four stage collection using controllable overflow wet and dry tandem collection, to prevent dust overflow.