New Sand Making Machine Structure and Working Principle

The new type sand making machine is the leading equipment for fine sand making machine, which has a widely used. The new sand making equipment especially suitable for making abrasives, refractories, cement, quartz sand, grit and other hard brittle material crushing and grinding, is an efficient, gravel sand making equipment energy saving, save more energy than conventional crushing machine 50%, crushing machine is currently the world's advanced equipment.

Sand making machine is widely used in sand stone, highway, railway, airport, water conservancy, construction, cement, refractories, metallurgy and other industries producing high-quality stone. Fine type used in granite, Xuan Wuyan, limestone, gravel, cement clinker, iron ore, quartz, dolomite, bauxite and other mineral perlite ore crushing.

Structure of new sand making machine
The sand making machine equipment are turning part and shield part and box part, the rotary wheel core is provided with a plurality of non overlapping arrangement of the hammer frame is fixed on the frame, the hammer hammer, hammer head width is greater than the hammer frame and wheels, the wheel core is composed of a plurality of wheel hub body, is fixed on the spindle, spindle two end rolling bearing seat on the frame, guard board is divided into several blocks fixed on the box body, protection against wear, and the formation of different types of impact crushing cavity. The box body is divided into two parts, the upper part and the lower part, which are screwed and connected for easy disassembly and assembly and maintenance.

Working principle of new type sand making machine
New sand making equipment, material from the feed tray feed hopper into the new sand crushing cavity, the material into the inner wall of the cylinder body by the centrifugal force feed tray, violent collision and impact plate mounted on the inner wall of the material, at the same time between colliding, make or break to produce a large number of hair crack, then the material into the conical rotor cavity, a spiral cone falling in space, by stamping, extrusion, the crack is further broken ore.

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