Analysis of Affecting Factors in Sand Production Line

In recent years, the number of domestic investors of sand making machine is becoming more and more and the manufacturing technique of sand making machine is improved every day. As a result, the requiements for sand making machine of domestic and international customers is continuously high. Our experts focus on the analysis of the whole production line of foreign sand making and factors of influencing the production line.

Firstly, we must consider the composition of the materials. In the earlier stage of sand making, we must analyze the composition of materials. If the materials contain much powder, this will influence the sand making effect. Because the powder easily adheres to others, this affects the transmission. So before the sand making, what the workers must do is to screen the materials and make sure powder mostly out of the materials to avoid affecting the normal work. The workers also pay attention to hardness of the materials. provides the sand production line, sand making machine and the whole sand making equipment, and every set equipment can produce different materials and its effects is different. If you do not use the matched sand making machine, the harder of the materials, the more difficult you produce the sand, with a lot worn sand torn of equipment. So the sand making effect is not satisfied.

Then the workers must have some knowledge about the humidity and viscosity of the materials. We mention much powder will adhere to other and powder will much easily adhere to others and plug in feeding entry if the moisture of materials is high, which leads to low capacity of sand making. In this situation, experts point out that the temperature of materials should be controlled well in order to reach the best sand making effect. The viscosity of the materials should be paid attention to practically. The materials with high viscosity will adhere to the inner wall of sand making machine, so these must be clean-up timely; otherwise, the adherences will affect the operation and work efficiency of sand making machine seriously. So you must choose the materials with small viscosity. These are main factors that influence the sand making effects.

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