The new mobile crusher brings vitality to the construction industry

The new mobile crusher, the current market is selling a kind of gravel sand crushing machinery, over the old fashioned Crusher, the mobile crusher is put into use in sand processing capacity, or in the sand and gravel application effect show etc. are greatly improved in step, so the development of new mobile in the construction industry crusher equipment more investment potential.

Advantages of new mobile crusher
1, after optimization and improvement of the new mobile crusher, under the same power operating environment, the output can be improved by about 30% compared to the traditional crusher.

2, the new mobile crusher has both plastic effect. After the sand treatment, the finished products of the sand and gravel are cubic in shape, and the grading is reasonable. It can completely replace natural sand and gravel for the construction sand operation in the present.

3, in addition to the fixed group machine installation, but also optional collocation placed on the vehicle chassis, for the realization of gravel material movement, sand making operation, thus can reduce production cost input.

environmental protection concept of new mobile crusher
1, a change of the old version of the crusher blower design, the use of a unique air self circulation system, greatly reducing the exhaust air volume, and then reduce the new mobile crusher dust pollution during operation;

2, the establishment of environmental protection system, such as: pulse dust removal equipment, the equipment can effectively dust removal of more than 99.9%, basically green sand production can be achieved.