Common troubles and solutions of fly ash grinding mill

Coal milling equipment can be widely used in cement, power, iron and steel, metallurgy and other industries. Because of ore milling equipment special process and structure, coal superfine grinding has less dust and noise in production, and the pulverized coal produced has good gradation and good combustion performance.

Our company produces ore milling equipment grinding process simple, compact equipment, coal fineness up to 80 mR 3%, and fineness stability, uniform particle size. Coal ultrafine grinding is widely used as a kind of milling equipment, but as a machine, it will also have a lot of trouble, we need to manually remove. Of course, eliminating common faults in ultrafine mills is an important step in maintaining it. To introduce the common cause of trouble and solution of fly ash coal superfine mill.

A common fault is that the main engine is accompanied by a larger vibration to make more noise. The cause of this failure is:
1, small amount of powder;
2, the hardness of powder has great impact on the ultra-fine grinding of fly ash;
3, the coal superfine grinding roll or grinding ring has serious deformation lose utility.

There are some ways of troubleshooting:
1, check the shovel and adjust the amount of material, if necessary, replace the blade;
2, if it is caused by the particle size of powder is too large, the impact should be timely adjustment of powder size, so as to avoid damage to the machine;
3, fly ash superfine grinding roll or grinding ring such as deformation should be replaced.

Second common faults of finished powder is too thick or. Similarly, there are two reasons for this failure:
1, analysis of machine blade wear because overweight and not play a role in too thick or powder;
2, the air quantity of blower is not adjusted properly. And there are ways to troubleshoot it:
3, if it is determined that the analysis machine blade wear problem, should replace the blade;
4, carefully adjust the air flow.

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