VSI sand making machine for building aggregate

Sand making machine is a kind of equipment used in the construction of stone construction. VSI sand making machine has a strong kinetic energy, is able to ore, rock and other hard stones broken into small stone tablets, in the construction site, railway construction and other places very common. At present, the market of sand making equipment model and style is very much, here we introduce a sand machine in which a VSI sand making machine.

VSI sand making machine is the introduction of the latest  experts developed the results, combined with China's working conditions to improve the design, is currently the exclusive production of the world's advanced level of the third generation of high-performance sand production equipment. The equipment is designed for expressway, high-speed railway, high-rise building, municipal, hydropower dam construction, concrete mixing station to provide high-quality sand aggregate, artificial sand and stone shaping the preferred equipment.

VSI sand making machine is widely used in river pebbles, rocks, ore tailings, stone crumbs artificial sand. Building aggregate, road fabrics, cushion material, asphalt concrete and cement concrete and other aggregate production. VSI sand making machine with advanced and reliable dual pump oil lubrication system to ensure that the spindle bearing temperature rise, long life, reliable operation, extended maintenance cycle. Spindle configuration of high-precision level of imported rolling bearings, so that the spindle running more smoothly, to extend the service life. Set the hydraulic lift on the cover mechanism, you can quickly and easily move the cover, so that the replacement of the internal parts of the maintenance staff and other characteristics.