technical characteristics of artificial sand making machine

Artificial sand is much cheaper than natural sand. With the exploitation of natural sand for many years, natural sand is becoming more and more exhausted. Nowadays, artificial sand has replaced natural sand, and is widely used in highway, railway and construction industries. The sand making machine has also been used more and more widely. Artificial sand and gravel will be made of various kinds of ore after making sand machine equipment processing, but also a large number of production, cheap, widely used. Then in the sand making machine types, gravel sand making machine has what advantage?
First, in terms of price, cheaper than other confidential river gravel sand sand equipment.
Secondly, gravel sand making machine in terms of quality, is also higher than normal or traditional sand sand sand production equipment, clean, no mud and other harmful impurities, stable performance, a kind of artificial sand corresponding to a gradation and particle gradation; compared to the artificial sand and natural sand material is more complex, a modulus of fineness can correspond to different gradation, can not achieve the accuracy of artificial sand.
The working principle of gravel sand making machine: material from the upper part of the machine into the vertical high-speed rotating impeller in high speed under the action of centrifugal force, and the other part of the umbrella in the form of flow around the impeller material to produce high speed impact crushing, material impact upon each other, and between the impeller and the casing lining material to form a vortex the repeated impact, friction and grinding, direct discharge from the bottom, forming a closed loop many times, screening equipment controlled by the desired product size.
The technical characteristics of gravel sand making machine:
1、 high crushing efficiency, with fine crushing and coarse grinding function;
2、 simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, low operation cost;
3、 through the non crushing material capacity, is affected by the moisture content of the material is small, containing water up to 8%;
4、 The grain shape of the product is excellent. It is cubic, and the needle and flake content is very low. It is suitable for aggregate shaping, artificial sand production and high-grade highway aggregate production;
5、 the product accumulation density is big, iron pollution is extremely small.