What should be paid special attention to in the maintenance of ultrafine mill?

Ultrafine mill can be widely used in metallurgy, chemical, cement, ceramics, construction, electricity, medicine, defense industry and other departments, especially the Department of mineral processing in the metallurgical industry, as solid material refined into important equipment of powder grinding, it is also has a very important position. Its operation process has a very important relationship with its working condition.

For the ultrafine mill, as a user, we must pay attention to it, because it can make the milling equipment to create value for us, also makes it possible to safety production, therefore, in the process of operation, the user should pay more attention to it, so that it can be better used in the production. In order to make it better production, ultrafine grinding to users, summed up the following items.

First, the failure measures: in production, the user first need to check the size of materials and the amount of material delivery, when the transport volume overload, will cause imports of congestion. To check whether the imported seal has been worn, for two times after the leak may occur, should promptly replace the sealed packing.

Second, before running, it is necessary to do fine grinding equipment debugging, so as to make it better adapt to production. Debugging is an important part of production, the problems found in the debugging can be avoided in actual work, so as to effectively improve the ultra-fine grinding equipment.

Third, the size of the material: in the work, for ultra-fine grinding materials are different, may adjust the size of the grinding material, then, to the user according to the actual needs of the adjustment, so that more can match. Requirements make users more satisfied and, to a certain extent, save resources and avoid waste of resources.

Fourth, import and export of abrasive material size effect: control into the ultrafine grinding of limestone particle size, so that in the scope of design and feed grain mill two size of 80% particles is less than 12mm.

When the user regulates the feed amount of the mill inlet, the two is to reduce power consumption, and the pulverizer should always operate under rated conditions. But sometimes, for various reasons, it is necessary to reduce the feed amount according to the main motor current reduction in the milling equipment.