Construction waste crusher makes the waste recycling

In recent years, the amount of construction waste produced by urban construction has been increasing, and the annual emission of construction waste has been calculated with 10 million tons. Construction waste crusher can make construction waste into treasure. General use of construction waste landfill, in addition to the large consumptive field, occupy valuable land resources, energy consumption, pollution and other negative factors. Therefore, how to use it is imminent and social and highly technical problems need further.

The construction of garbage after crushing, sorting, crushing or eliminating waste, most can be used as the regenerate resources, such as scrap steel, scrap wire, scrap wire and various accessories such as scrap metal, after sorting, concentrated and re melted, can be manufactured into various specifications of steel; waste bamboo timber can used in the manufacture of artificial wood; brick, stone and concrete waste crushing, can replace sand, used in masonry mortar, plastering mortar, concrete cushion, and can also be used for making bricks, paving brick, brick and other building materials, lattice.

In the process of building waste recycled fine aggregate crushing, due to the physical characteristics of the material itself, two grade crushing is usually used, and the particle size of the crushing product is 0-10mm, accounting for about 25%. In order to improve the production of fine aggregate, two grade crushing is used for grade three crushing, and the crushing products are mostly below 0-10, which is a very effective means. However, in the specific technical process, it has encountered such problems as complicated process, difficult process layout, large power consumption and excessive investment.

To this end, we launched the construction of garbage crushing special models. The equipment can not only realize multi-stage crushing, but also meet the requirements of grain arrangement. It can provide a perfect solution for the construction of waste aggregate regeneration and crushing process, and is the best choice for building waste crushing equipment.