ore milling equipment grinding materials is within the range of 325-3250 meshes

After years of research and development, we developed a variety of ore milling equipment , ultrafine mill as an example, in the production process in the process of draw a wide range of design theory at home and abroad of ultrafine grinding equipment, is a kind of superfine powder processing equipment, is a professional equipment classification, ultra-fine mill in one of the transportation industry, it can be widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic mineral industries.

Ore milling equipment can be material to grinding following Mohs hardness of 5, density below 3.2, the compressive strength can be processed under 150MPa, non flammable and non corrosive particles, brittle materials, grinding of raw materials can be processed into 325-3250 ultrafine powder.

Ultrafine grinding mill can process a variety of materials, such as calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, calcite, pyrophyllite, dolomite, graphite, kaolin, limestone and other raw materials, grinding equipment is widely used in the daily production, can be widely used in the field of chemical industry, ceramics and so on, our production of vertical superfine grinding quality, stable operation, but still there will be some unexpected situations.

Ore milling equipment in the grinding work, the quality of the first pass, in the usual work need to pay attention to the professional maintenance of superfine grinding, often add lubricating oil, keep the efficient operation of superfine grinding, prolong the service life of superfine grinding, grinding material will move to the edge of the grinding disc, know strong airflow by wind at ring away, and the larger particles again fall into the disc to grinding flow materials through the upper part of the separator, the rotor blade under the effect of coarse particles back to the grinding disc.