How to solve the problem of excessive temperature of cement vertical roller mill?

Vertical roller mill grinding system replaces stone powder with limestone powder for batching modification. By adjusting the height of the retaining ring of the vertical roller mill, optimizing the parameters, modifying the form and structure of the wind ring, optimizing the ventilation area and wind speed, the vertical grinding system adapts to the change of the grain gradation of the raw material. The proportion of limestone powder instead of limestone is added to 40%, and the output exceeds 40 tons when the design platform is exceeded, and the waste residue is reasonably utilized, the production cost is reduced, and the comprehensive utilization of resources is realized better.

How to solve the problem of excessive temperature of cement vertical roller mill?
When the temperature of the cement vertical roller mill is too high, including the fan, the motor heating and the bearing temperature, etc., the user will have to know the cause of the rising temperature when facing the problem of the excessive wear of  mill.

1. check whether the extension pipe is smooth, the viscosity of the oil and the brand meets the requirements.

2. cement vertical roller millsuperfine powder into the roller bearing to timely refueling, in accordance with the provisions of regular cleaning, replacement of oil seal.

3. grinding roller grinding ring bearings should be regular refueling.

4. cement vertical roller mill bearing temperature can not exceed 70 degrees, if the bearing temperature is too high, should immediately remove the cleaning bearing and bearing room and other accessories, cleaning once.

5. fan heating may be a factor, that is, higher wind pressure, and sometimes in our production will unconsciously touch the fan equipment, so that the fan pressure changes, resulting in motor heating. It also reminds us that we must not change the equipment at will.