vertical roller mill in the quartz sand production line

Quartz sand is a hard, wear-resistant, chemical stability of carbonate minerals, the Mohs hardness of 7, is an important industrial production of mineral raw materials, in glass, ceramics, casting and refractory materials, etc. Vertical roller mill is an important milling equipment, in the quartz sand of the mineral processing process plays a necessary role, the mill equipment liner as its main components, often by the ball and quartz sand continuous impact and grinding, how In order to extend the use of liner time?
Vertical roller mill in the actual production, on the one hand need to pay attention to the size of the feed, for the quartz sand feeding particle size as much as possible, you can use the equipment in front of the mill and other equipment on the material fine grinding, The probability of wear will drop, the second is to feed evenly, so as to avoid the equipment does not have the situation, this situation will cause the equipment in the running ball and liner will have a more dramatic impact on the liner wear serious.
As the vertical roller mill liner at high temperature its mechanical properties have undergone great changes, prone to deformation, will cause the liner wear. Therefore, the temperature adjustment within the equipment must pay attention to, for example, can strengthen the ventilation within the mill or use a more efficient cooling system.

Vertical roller mill in the processing of quartz sand, the first material to keep the material below 2%, to prevent its high temperature and more water under the conditions of chemical reaction, is the liner from corrosion; followed by the quartz sand into the grinding temperature to pay attention , So good to keep below 50%, so that the use of vertical milling machine will be longer.