Ultrafine Grinding Machine Applications

With the continuous development of production and construction, ultrafine grinding machine has a very wide range of applications in all walks of life, and can process materials to fine grain size, greatly promoting the development of industry. Because of the structural design of ultra fine grinding mill, the fineness of grinding can reach 2000 meshes, or even higher, which can meet the needs of customers for greater grinding.

Ultrafine mill has been widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and mining, milling and other fields of fine powder processing. Ground material: quartz, feldspar, clay, clay, bentonite, calcite, talc, barite, fluorite, clay, white clay, gypsum and other various hardness seven on the Mohs following humidity below 6% non flammable and explosive mineral materials.

1. the environmental protection level is high, the powder collecting device two, the material outlet and the dust remover discharge port three are arranged in the same straight line;

2. a wide range of applications, analysis and use of variable frequency speed regulation and high-density blade;

3. equipment stability, equipment layout with resistance program;

4. High stability. Base adopts high strength and anti vibration nodular cast iron - nodular cast iron. It has the damping property of cast iron, the strength of cast steel and good impact resistance. The domestic generic reducer manufacturers make full use of professional manufacturing technology advantage, improve the stability. Reducer and motor adopt triangle belt to transmit power, which is good for overload protection.