Characteristics of Gold Ore Crusher

Gold ore crusher is widely used in building materials, transportation, energy, chemical and mining industries, the largest grain size can be broken under 350mm, the compressive strength is not more than 320Mpa, the raw materials for the production of surface water is not greater than 8-10% for ore or viscous material. The gold ore crusher is an efficient equipment, easy operation and simple maintenance.

Characteristics of gold ore crusher
The gold ore crusher has the advantages of simple structure, large crushing ratio, small size and large production capacity. It can be used as a selective crushing equipment and has a great future. The counter hammer of the breaker is reasonable in structure and shortens the time of the plate changing hammer. The speed is lower than most impact crusher, 20%-25%, low energy consumption and high production efficiency.

Working principle of gold ore crusher
Ore crusher motor drives the rotor, rotor speed rotation and into the material impact, the material is crushed, and then the materials are thrown device broken again, other ore ore and then bounce back plate behind the plate hammer or rotor thrown collide, the material in the first chamber received repeated impact broken. The material broken to an ideal level is discharged from the gap between the counter plate and the rotor to the second crushing chamber for further grinding, which is discharged from the base at an ideal particle size.