Development Idea Of Cone Crusher

Cone crusher crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, uniform product size, suitable for crushing and fine crushing various ores and rocks. So, in the future, crusher manufacturers should have what kind of development? HPT cone crusher  technological progress has been slow, has been roughly 60 years to maintain the same. Now please experts tell us about the recent development of the crusher crusher and manufacturers should have what kind of attitude to deal with.

HPT cone crusher has been much progress, reliability and higher production has been included in the design of the basic cone crusher. The rotation speed is also improved to a certain extent. Faster and better crushing cavity design with substantial help to the production, such as a 1961 production of 48 inches of cone crusher's output per hour up to 170 tons, and now, the same size of the awl can produce 320 tons per hour, greatly improves the production efficiency, increase profitability.

HPT cone crusher manufacturers play a role in the development of circular cone. In the future, more and more manufacturers to research and development, for the further study of broken technology. In order to maintain the advanced nature of the technology, to maintain market share.

There must be some improvement in the performance of the crusher, which is what the manufacturer must do. Among them, it is very important that the application of hydraulic technology, to protect the crusher from the damage caused by non crushing items. The new type of hydraulic cone broken in operation, to provide customers with more convenient operation, need to meet the automatic adjustment of the feed inlet size, make the finished product grain size can be guaranteed. Hydraulic relief system progress, greatly reducing the downtime, improve the life of these machines.

Crusher is now moving toward large-scale, intelligent, automated direction, so, manufacturers in the reform at the same time, should pay attention to these changes, making the device more can be accepted by the market, is recognized by the user. With development, crusher manufacturers must adhere to the technology as the core, the idea of public service, so that their right of inheritance, but also service users, is the best of both worlds.