XZM Ultrafine mill environmental protection

XZM Ultrafine mill is very common, in its production process, it can bring a good production effect and satisfactory yield for us. In the production, XZM Ultrafine mill is the grinding roller roller, making the material grinding is very uniform. In this process, the material has also been a good grinding effect. However, it also exposes a lot of problems.

Production of ultrafine mill and its relationship with environmental protection
In the superfine grinding machine in the production, there are many environmental problems we need to solve. Environmental protection is now one of the most we talk about. Then, the XZM Ultrafine mill can make what kind of contribution to environmental protection work? The first is the dust problem, in the grinding operation, more or less the problem of dust. Material inlet, outlet and fan seal, due to the fine particle size, very easy to fly out from the bad seal. So, it is to solve the as far as possible the use of negative pressure system, with good sealing, grinding equipment and fine grading equipment, if necessary in the crushing workshop equipped with dust removal system, to ensure clean production workshop, the pigments, dyes, fiber powder and poisonous powder is very important.

In addition to dust problems, there is still a big problem for the user and the surrounding people. The ultrafine grinding is accompanied with some noise in the production. There is no doubt that the noise pollution is located. The production of milling equipment have certain vibration and noise, but when the noise is up to 120dB, when necessary, specially set up isolation box or isolation room, isolation and grinding equipment.

Now, we must be on the XZM Ultrafine mill noise of some processing work. In the grinding operation, we can make it can be some maintenance, and then reduce the noise of the db. In the process of working milling equipment, but also some of the material, the dust and noise at the same time they get reduced, it is very important to the production of grinding equipment. In mining, refractories, coal industry and other industries, because the conditions are relatively poor, but also through a certain means to make noise is eliminated or reduced.

In the ultra-fine grinding work, the user should be good at observation, making it more in line with the requirements of the production.