Working principle of VSI sand making machine

Sand making machine is a professional sand making equipment, commonly used in the production of iron ore, suitable for granite, basalt, limestone, gravel, cement clinker, iron ore, quartz stone, coarse, medium and fine type bauxite and other mineral industries usually broken, said the series of equipment for sand making machine, is a frequently used sand processing equipment.

VSI sand making machine equipped with various types of auxiliary equipment, such as vibration feeder, belt conveyor, sand washing machine and other equipment, formed a complete sand sand production line. Here we take the impact type sand making machine as an example, introduces the sand making machine frame composition.

VSI sand making machine mainly consists of hopper, feeder, vortex crushing cavity, impeller, spindle assembly, base, transmission device, lubrication system etc.. The price of the sand making machine is different from the structural material of the structural parts.
VSI sand making machine can support efficient technology in the process of sand in the structure of the feed for a prismoid inverted and the feed port is arranged on the wear ring, from the feeding device through the incoming hopper into the sand making machine. Sand making machine distributor mounted in the vortex crushing cavity at the upper part of the distributor is the role of the material through the center feeding tube directly into the impeller is gradually accelerated to a high speed projectile out, without increasing the power consumption, increase production capacity, improve the crushing efficiency.

Working principle of VSI sand making machine
Impact type system sand machine adopts the working principle of very professional, vortex broken structure shape of the cavity is an annular space, two cylinder, impeller in high speed rotating vortex chamber, vortex crushing cavity material can reside, formation of lining materials, crushing process of materials occurred in the vortex crushing cavity, by material the lining of the broken layer and the crushing cavity walls, the crushing effect is limited to material, play a role since the lining, observation hole sealing locked. The distributor is fixed on the upper section of the cylindrical cavity vortex broken, high-speed rotating impeller air flow generated by the distributor in the vortex cavity, the impeller formed inside the circulatory system.

System sand machine transmission device is relatively advanced, the belt drive dual motor drive, dual motor drive two motors are respectively arranged on both sides of the spindle assembly, two motor belt is connected with the main shaft belt, so that the two sides of the spindle force balance, does not produce additional torque.