What is the manufacturing process of the vertical roller mill?

Vertical roller mill grinding quality both at the time of purchase, or use is a topic not around the past, because the LM Vertical Roller Mill quality is determined using the service life and efficiency of the play, standing type grinding quality to its manufacturing process has a great relationship, here to analyze is the machine manufacturing process is the problem of how to.

First of all vertical roller mill production quality how and material have great relationship, so the first step is to choose a good material, which is mainly reflected in the wear resistance, if good wear resistance, then vertical milling machine in production use, they have better life, greatly reduce the frequency of occurrence of failures in the production.

Secondly in the choice of appropriate abrasion resistant materials need according to the production design drawings to assemble, welding, welding technology is also very important, if welding is not reasonable, in the production of if vibration or uneven stress phenomenon, making the vertical mill quality problem, therefore, the welding is more important.

Again, that is, painting, because the vertical mill working environment is relatively poor, easily by outside the influence of moist air and rust, damage, so it is necessary in the paint layer to isolate the influence of outside air, to ensure the better production;

The article mainly introduces the manufacturing process of vertical mill, which is the main factor affecting the quality of above is mainly introduced the three steps, a reasonable manufacturing process can the mill has a good quality, can reduce the production of fault occurrence frequency, help to obtain a better production efficiency.