Bauxite automatically processing plant

Mainly used in aluminum smelting, making refractory materials. Zenith impact type system sand machine in bauxite automatically processing plant has a large quantity, high yield, compared with other types of crusher production with high efficiency. A variety of forms (iron ore crushing stone hit, hot stone, iron), adapt to different user requirements for material crushing. Operation, maintenance cost is low, the economy is good. Reliability, convenient installation, use, repair. Energy saving, environmental protection, without any additional device.

My country is rich in bauxite resources, in recent years, with the increasing application of bauxite and economic and technological development more widely. Used espec. Used especially of refractory products. High alumina bauxite refractory degree is up to 1780 ℃, high chemical stability, good physical properties. The impact type system sand machine broken bauxite, refractory material in the processing industry is very popular and practical. Shanghai Zenith PCL impact type system sand machine refractory material processing in the field of ideal crushing crushing equipment.

Alumina fine processing with what kind of equipment? Zenith of Shanghai for you to implement PCL impact type system sand machine. The sand making machine equipment is not only the ideal equipment for granite, limestone, HeLuanShi and other hard rock crushing fine sand, key equipment or alumina fine super fine processing of refractory materials. Bauxite, main component is aluminum oxide, hydrated alumina system containing impurities, is a kind of clay mineral. White or grey white, due to iron and brownish yellow or light red. Density of 3.9 ~ 4g/cm3, hardness 1 ~ 3, opaque, crisp. Very difficult to melt. Insoluble in water, soluble in sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide solution.