potash feldspar processing equipment

We are a specialized equipment for the production of potash feldspar processing plant, we need to provide a full set of the actual needs of the customer's potash feldspar processing equipment.

Our long-term commitment to potash feldspar processing technology research and development, continue to develop high price of  processing technology and high quality products, new processing technology, the design process, can greatly enhance your mining investment returns, reasonable prices, quality service is with you sincere sincere cooperation of the premise.

Potash feldspar crusher is mainly used for crushing various ores and bulk materials of medium size, points for pendulum type, finely pendulum type and Jane pendulum type, the use of advanced crushing cavity shape and improve the device performance. Single toggle jaw crusher apply to rough, broken compressive strength 250Mpa below all kinds of ore and rock, which PEW0609 the above-mentioned three kinds of specifications of the crusher can also crushing all kinds of hard ores and rocks. Pew crushing jaw crusher is generally used only in fine medium hardness of ore and rock, and Pew Jane pendulum jaw crusher can crush ores and rocks of various hardness and, in particular, the for crushing all kinds of hard abrasion resistance of stone.

The potash feldspar crusher is composed of a machine frame, an eccentric shaft, a big belt wheel, a flywheel, a movable jaw, a side guard board, an elbow plate, a back seat of the elbow plate, an adjusting screw, a return spring, a fixed jaw plate and a movable jaw plate.

Working environment: the potash feldspar jaw crusher is through the movement of the cyclical nature of the. In the moving jaw hanging spindle to the fixed jaw swing, located between the two jaw plate material will be crushed, splitting and bending comprehensive effect. By squeezing the Hubei and the material crushing jaw left fixed Hubei to swing in the opposite direction, materials by gravity downward movement, Hubei every cycle exercise makes material by a crushing action, after several cycles, broken material will from the discharge opening discharged out of the machine. With continuous rotation of the motor and crusher jaw to make periodic motion crush and discharge material to realize batch production.