Talc Powder Machinery Production

Talc processing not only includes  talc powder machinery production  operations, but also sorting the low-grade ore by flotation process, meanwhile comprehensive recovery of beneficial associated minerals.

Chinese talc ore beneficiation widely used hand-selected, dry-mill air classification. Although individual factories have been established column flotation selection process, it has not been widely used. At present, these processes have already finished their beneficiation research and testing, including optical selection process, bleach, dry or wet magnetic separation, hydrocyclone separation, scrubbing precipitation concentration, centrifugal classification, spray drying, and talcum powder layering process , sterilization and other special processes.

Crushing equipment: Talc is commonly crushed by jaw crusher.

Milling equipment: including general and ultra-fine grinding equipment. General grinding equipment commonly consists of Raymond mill, primarily for the production of 200,325 mesh talc powder; ultra-fine grinding equipment including flat, circular tube, fluidized bed and other jet mill, mainly for the production of the diameter shorter than 5μm ultra-fine talc powder.