Attapulgite Powder Vertical Mill Structure

Attapulgite Powder Vertical Mill is integrated with tertiary crushing, drying, grinding, powder separation and conveying and it is the ideal preference for processing slag and cement. Then compared with ball mill, what exactly are the advantages of vertical mill.

Attapulgite Powder Vertical Mill has a separating machine, and uses sizzling smoke to convey the supplies, to ensure that no powder separating machine and elevating machine are wanted. The fuel containing dust will straight go to the powder collector for collection, to ensure the grinding program is easy, the failure fee is reduced, working price is large.

Attapulgite Powder Vertical Mill adopts hot air to convey supplies, and when grinding materials with higher water content material, the inlet air temperature can be controlled to generate absolutely sure the merchandise will attain the final water written content. Attapulgite Powder Vertical Mill can dry the components together with the water material 12-15%.

In the working process of Attapulgite Powder Vertical Mill, no metal materials straight contact with each other, to ensure the abrasion is small, as well as unit abrasion consumption for limestone is generally 4-6 g/t.

Within the working process of vertical mill, the grinding sound is soft, normally about 80 db. The grinding roll and also the grinding disk won't speak to with each other. Attapulgite Powder Vertical Mill adopts integrated sealing, as well as process will work beneath negative stress, so the powder dust is very little.

The competent merchandise inside the vertical mill is usually timely discharged, thus keeping away from above grinding as well as the solution granularity is even.

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