XZM Ultrafine Mill Production And Operation

XZM ultrafine mill belongs to the powder processing, especially regarding ultrafine mill. XZM ultrafine mill consists of more than one set of longitudinally arranged fine grinding device, each fine grinding device comprises a three-dimensional frame structure, active roller, and active roll parallel to the wall close to the motie and dynamic part, sharpens iron with million to the device and a spring compressing device, the motie can automatically adjust and take the initiative to roll and wall to keep contact with parallel and ensure fine grinding effects and fine grinding machine with the traditional ball mill compared to low energy consumption, easy to transfer, for mines, cement, chemical industry, building materials and other powder processing industry.

XZM ultrafine mill production and operation, the motor drives the spindle and the high speed of the turbine rotation (its speed up to 700r/min). The grinding block consists of crushing and grinding ring on the screen and the secondary turbine, its compact structure. When the material is fed into the machine cavity by the feeding hopper, the material entering the machine cavity is closely friction and strongly impact to the edge of the blade of the turbine in the rotating air flow, and the gap between the blade and the grinding block is again ground. In the crushing, grinding materials, at the same time, turbine inhale large amounts of air, these gases to the role of cooling machine, grinding materials and transport of fine material: material crushing fineness depending on the material properties and the screen size, and material and the air through.

The bearing part of the XZM ultrafine mill is provided with a special labyrinth seal, which can effectively prevent the dust from entering the bearing cavity, thereby prolonging the service life of the bearing. The machine door is provided with two O shaped rubber sealing rings, no dust leakage and pollution operation environment.