black powder magnetic separators unique features

Black powder magnetic separators is mainly used for a variety of weakly magnetic minerals, carbon black, iron ore, limonite, quartz sand, feldspar, hematite, garnet, mines, magnetite tailings, weak magnetic ore, sulfuric acid residue, abrasives, refractories ,, iron building materials and other industries, some iron is also a multifunctional device. Black powder magnetic separators according to customer's need of rehabilitation, according to the scene to set the device to meet the needs of customers, the magnetic field strength in 1000-18000GS, magnetic force up to a maximum 18000GS, high magnetic field strength, suction, saving, processing large, high recovery rate, less power consumption, stable performance characteristics.

In addition to the advantages of black powder magnetic separators :
1, a multi-stage magnetic separation: Multi Flip iron and iron oxide impurities, repeatedly attack and displacement in motion the process of turning the material layer, iron and iron oxides have more opportunity to touch a strong magnetic field and was thrown out, then complete and efficient parting intentions.
2, set the energy-saving, environmental protection in one: the choice of a permanent magnet magnetic drum, magnetic field no power; the whole selection of fully enclosed dust-proof arrangement, and so are anti-magnetic stainless steel shell materials, nice, good work environment, small footprint.
3, magnetic separation parting effect is good: the original one-time parting guessed iron impurities, fine powder of iron can reach the goal of a one-time needs of users, after adjustment can demand higher quality flour, to Satisfaction is not the same as the user's needs.
4, active parting collect iron oxide impurities: iron and iron oxide impurities in the magnetic field strength is adsorbed on a magnetic drum appearance, motion to time out of the magnetic field region, by gravity, from the appearance of the magnetic cylinder to fall off miscellaneous income hopper. The entire process will be one after another, the system stable and reliable.
5, with the exception of iron magnetic separator if our black and meal (30-100 mesh) Raymond supporting use of iron in addition to excellent effect.
Our company offers a variety of magnetic minerals prototype, laboratory, according to the customer different ore samples, materials, processing requirements, mineral taste, different ore beneficiation making processes, and provide experimental results and data, according to the scene after the test was recommend the most appropriate complete set of iron removal equipment, the requirement to achieve the best, and for customers on-site test equipment, professional user training operation and maintenance personnel to ensure the normal operation of the production line. Welcome to the new and old customers with ore samples or materials to my company to experiment!