Mineral processing machinery and equipment

Mineral processing machinery and equipment is divided into crushing equipment, grinding equipment, screening machinery equipment, sorting equipment and dewatering equipment, etc.. The air classifier for mineral , including gravity separator, flotation machine and special processing equipment. Mineral processing machinery is also used in building materials, chemical industry, glass, ceramics and other industrial sectors.

Crushing machinery commonly used a jaw crusher, counterattack type crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher etc.; grinding machinery used a roller type crushing machine, vertical milling machine; sieving machines are commonly used in the inertia vibrating screen and resonance sieve; hydraulic classifier and mechanical grading machine is widely used in wet classification work of graded mechanical.

Mechanical separation in the earliest is gravity separation machinery. Initially the piston hop jig in 1830 to 1840 appeared in Germany, for metal ore separation; first stage separator (with weak magnetic separator) came in 1888; flotation machine appeared later, first machine stirring type floating machine appeared in 1910.

Gravity separation machinery is the use of mineral particles and gangue differences in density and particle size, in a moving medium separation equipment, including jig, heavy medium separator and centrifugal concentrator several.

Many kinds of mining machinery equipment, our professional attention in the production of large and medium crushing and grinding, crusher, sand making machine and milling machine) equipment, in more than 20 years of competition in the market come to the fore, and became a star enterprise of the industry research, production and sales of Trinity.