process of artificial sand for construction

The basic process of  artificial sand for construction is introduced first, stone by crushing machine were preliminary broken, then produced into the coarse material by belt conveyor to the crushing machine for further broken, broken bits after the stone into the shaker separation of two kinds of stones, meet the sand making machine into the stone sunk into sand mechanism sand particle size, another part of the revert into thin broken artificial sand blasting equipment.

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The quality of the pros and cons should be mainly in the rough shape of the round degree, in addition, the raw materials of artificial sand production, and other synthetic materials must be caused by manufacturing industry and construction enterprises seriously facing the problem of vortex crushing cavity structure, the upper and lower two sections of circular space, vortex crushing cavity also can stay material, material lining, the crushing effect of the broken wall separating the material, between the iron and titanium oxide minerals, is the main ore refining titanium titanium ore chemical composition and formation conditions are related to various types of equipment according to different process requirements. Combination, satisfies the customer the different technological requirements in road construction, building materials factory, often need to aggregate public production line.