silicon quartz crusher machine

The silicon  quartz crushing machine adopts the most advanced crushing technology and manufacturing level, compared with the traditional silicon quartz crusher, both the service life and maintenance rate, failure rate reflects the superiority of the crusher for silicon quartz incomparable, and with respect to supporting the use of cone crusher and stone shaping machine, quartz crushing machine cost is low, so quartz the crusher crusher has indisputably become the world's most popular.

crusher for silicon quartz working principle
The motor drives the belt and the belt pulley of the quartz crushing machine. Through the eccentric shaft, the motor drives the front and back up and down, and the material is crushed or broken when moving jaw plate movement. When the quartz crushing machine jaw and the movable jaw plate in the eccentric shaft and the spring back, the former has been crushed or broken material from the quartz crusher jaw plate of the lower row of discharge. With the quartz crusher motor continuous rotation and broken motor cycle of the motor cycle to the crushing and excretion of material, to achieve mass production.
Performance features:

1. The efficiency of the ultra high crushing efficiency of the quartz crusher: the optimized structure of the fixed shaft, the shaft of the small ball surface, and the efficiency of the 15%.

2, super quartz crushing machine production capacity: the perfect combination of crushing stroke, breaking speed and crushing cavity.

3, the perfect particle of the quartz crushing machine: the special lamination breaking principle, the inter particle size is more perfect, the grain size is more uniform.

4. The stability of the quartz crushing machine is the same as the granite crusher, which can automatically remove the foreign body.

5, advanced lubrication mechanism: multi point hydraulic lubrication control system, double protection.