magnetic separator is mainly used for the separation of the mineral

The magnetic separator is mainly used for the separation of the mineral, and the black powder magnetic separators method is based on the difference of the mineral. At present, mineral resources are being developed, the pressure of resources is increasingly prominent, the extensive type of mineral processing and resources to reduce a lot of contradictions, so the market needs a more sophisticated processing technology, the development of mineral processing equipment to adjust, to improve the utilization rate of ore and increase the recovery rate is the key to the future development of the factory.

China is the world's largest iron ore importer, China's annual purchase of iron ore accounted for about 39% of the world's total output of iron ore, so the iron ore resources for our country is a matter of great importance. China is a country rich in mineral resources, but according to the characteristics of mineral resources in China, in the exploitation, to the meticulous processing, so it brings great development space for processing machinery industry in China, especially the processing equipment can get good development, natural iron ore after crushing, grinding, ore dressing can be processed into refined iron ore, iron ore is refined iron ore powder. The screening of the fine iron ore can not be separated from the magnetic separator, therefore, the development of magnetic separator has a certain degree of influence on the development direction of mineral processing industry.

At present, there are many kinds of magnetic separator used at home and abroad, the specific classification is as follows:

(1) the magnetic source can be divided into permanent magnetic separator and magnetic separator;

(2) according to the magnetic field strength can be divided into: weak magnetic field magnetic separator, magnetic separator, magnetic separator;

(3) the medium can be divided into a dry magnetic separator and a wet magnetic separator for the selection process;

(4) by the magnetic field type can be divided into a constant magnetic field, pulsating magnetic field and alternating magnetic field magnetic separator;

(5) according to the body shape structure is divided into a belt type magnetic separator, drum type magnetic separator, roller type magnetic separator, magnetic disc separator, ring type magnetic separator, magnetic separator and a roller type magnetic separator.