Raymond mill has good wear parts

The Raymond mill parts need to regularly check replacement so as to ensure the service life of the milling equipment. Raymond mill grinding blade wear serious to do, this question is very simple, quickly replaced new blade, the blade from the blade frame removed, and then replaced with new can continue normal use, avoid because of wear caused serious shovel material, affecting the yield. In recent years, we have a comprehensive upgrade to the different needs of many users to improve the product diversification, quality, industry optimization, etc..


The improvement of the grinding device improves the efficiency of the grinding material in the grinding area. Of grinding and structure improvement, the grinding roller and grinding roller axis complementary operation, rotation and revolution at the same time, to increase the power and wear resistance and improve the running speed. We are specialized in the production of various specifications and types of milling equipment, superfine Raymond mill, high pressure mill, high strength of Raymond mill etc., second drying machine, crusher, and other users has also been recognized, the devices are gradually diversified, not only to expand the scope of the user's choice has also accelerated the development of market economy.

Improvement of ventilation device, blower and air duct at the bottom of the level changed to slant to the center of the 30 degrees, forming a bucket shaped, guarantee the smooth flow of the blower, air duct. Improved collection device, a secondary collecting changed to collect, collect secondary circulation negative pressure locking type, no dust overflow, three or four with controllable overflow dry series collection, no pollution, no noise. We specialize in the production of various specifications of mining machinery and equipment, high quality and low price, welcome to buy!