efficient sand making machine characteristics and application field

VSI series efficient shaft impact type system sand machine is experts in Germany with the working condition of the latest design results, is the domestic production of the most the world level of high performance of sand blasting equipment. The  sand maker  is designed for highway, high-speed railway, high-rise buildings, municipal engineering, hydropower dam construction, concrete mixing station to provide quality sand and gravel aggregate, is the artificial sand and stone plastic field of choice for equipment.

Characteristics of new type sand making machine:
1, high crushing efficiency, has finely, coarse grinding function. Processing capacity, output of up to 50-500t/h, compared with the same power under the traditional equipment, production increased by 30% and stable.

2, simple structure, easy installation, maintenance, installation of a variety of ways, portable, low cost of running.

3, through the non crushing material ability, by the material moisture content of small, water content up to 8%.

4, product grain type is excellent, the cube, the needle is very low in content, suitable for the aggregate, artificial sand and high grade highway specifications stone preparation; bulk density, iron pollution is very small.

5, the working noise is less than 75 dB (DB level), less dust pollution.

6, new sand making machine on the basis of old sand making machine increases the counterbalance weight wheel. It can save electric energy, increasing the kinetic energy, production efficiency has been greatly improved.

7, in the rear of the new type of sand making machine open observation door maintenance, so that is more conducive to the functioning of the observation and maintenance, and increase the grate bar adjusting device, convenient adjustment of the sand particle size, the design is more humanized. Characteristics of new type sand making machine:

8, new sand making machine has a small particle size, particle type uniform, large capacity, long service life of the hammer head, matching the power of small, three broken for secondary crushing, simplify the process, has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, smooth running.

9, equipment investment is lower than traditional techniques and equipment similar size 35% - 50%, the output efficiency is higher than that of the same scale traditional techniques and equipment 35% - 50% (with limestone as an example: a product size is less than or equal to 5mm accounted for more than 85%). Long-term operation and maintenance costs are lower than the same size of the traditional process equipment 35%-50%.

New type sand making machine equipment application field:

1, river pebbles, rocks, ore tailings, stone chips of artificial sand.

2, construction aggregate, highway road fabric, cushion material, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate production.

3, the construction of water conservancy and hydropower, high grade highway, highway, high-speed railway, passenger dedicated line, bridge, airport runway, municipal engineering, high-rise building mechanism sand production and stone.

4 mining areas of grinding PPK finely process, building materials, metallurgy, chemical, mining, refractories, cement, abrasive and other industries material broken.

5, high abrasion and disintegration of two, sulfur in thermal power, metallurgy industry, steel slag, construction waste crushing and other environmental protection projects. Production of glass, quartz sand and other high purity materials.

Widely used in the mechanism of sand stone, high road construction, railway, water conservancy, airports, construction, cement, refractories, metallurgy and other industries, the production of high quality sand aggregate.