Note the maintenance and debugging process of Raymond Mill

Our company's technical team for customers provide permanent security operation guidance and post service, we summarize the matters needing attention in the process of commissioning and maintenance, and of Raymond mill, guiding you at the end of equipment installation, commissioning. Raymond mill maintenance to establish a comprehensive production line equipment safety maintenance system, to operating personnel must be the necessary technical training, must have the necessary maintenance tools and grease and the corresponding accessories.

6 maintenance techniques of Raymond Mill

Do the following 6 aspects of Raymond mill maintenance tips, can effectively prolong the service life of the equipment:

(1) preparation work to ensure the stable working pressure of the cylinder into the mill, to maintain a certain load.

(2) appropriate to adjust the structure of the feedstock is suggested according to the actual production situation, adjust the limit position of the screw to ensure the relative stability of the mill work flow.

(3) to ensure that the feed is uniform, avoiding the phenomenon of blocking material.

(4) note that the temperature of the material is increased, and the adjustment of the suction mechanism is noted, and the temperature of the material is reduced.

(5) the staff shall adjust the rolling distance according to the production process of the material by turning the monotonic hand wheel, and then lock the lock with the lock.

(6) the use of a brush to clean the surface of the roller surface to ensure the purity of the finished product is in line with the standard.
Raymond Mill no-load test

After the installation of the equipment, to carry out the 2-4 hours of no-load test, that is, in the case of the material is not to check the installation of the components to meet the requirements.

(1) the electric interlocking system test, according to the starting procedure, the starting and stopping of the electric interlocking system conform to the design requirement of the electric interlocking system;

(2) all fasteners shall be firm and reliable, without loosing;

(3) the flywheel rotates smoothly;

(4) the bearing temperature rise is not more than 30.

(5) the bearing lubrication is normal, no oil leakage phenomenon.

After the no-load test, the load test of 5-6 hours is to be loaded.

(1) no obvious vibration and abnormal sound shall be found. If there is a need to stop and find out the cause and eliminate the failure, the test shall be renewed;

(2) the feeding position is correct, the nesting is normal, and the product size and output are all in line with the requirements.