Related factors of Raymond mill grinding process efficiency

Raymond Mill in mineral processing plant as a grinding function, Raymond mill grinding ore efficiency directly affects the final ore dressing plant processing capacity and processing plant efficiency, and Raymond grinding process efficiency and process each link of equipment level, control level and management level is closely related.

In self grinding and grinding equipment, lining board shape, quality, Raymond grinding speed, to enhance the rate of shape and distribution, mineral lattice open hole shape and size and pulp lifting equipment shapes and Raymond mill grinding media of add and correct choice has great influence on the operation efficiency of the Raymond mill.

Lining plate and the lifting bar, as self grinding and semi autogenous grinding of Raymond Mill key normal operation part, both have a close relationship. They can be used alone, also can match the use.

Lining plate of shape, material, strength, thickness and specifications and enhance bar shape, surface angle, distribution form for lining and lifting rods cycle, when replacing the parking time is most directly affected, associated also with Raymond Mill carrying capacity and economic benefit, because of this it has also become beneficiation plant operation efficiency is good or bad judgment.

When the lining board wear to a certain degree or is for some reason of fracture, it must be the wear or fracture of the lining board for replacement. This is because worn or broken of the lining board due to deformation is causes the Raymond mill material change of operation state of, so the thunder Mongolia mill grinding efficiency will be directly affected.