How to increase the output of vertical roller mill?

In vertical roller mill machine manufacturing, we adopt the material disc grinding principle to carry on the production and feed disc grinding principle namely material into the disk material and material under the action of centrifugal force rolled to grinding between roller and the grinding disc, then grinding roller. After vertical roller mill  grinding the powder material will be in hot blast stove into the air with the air together upward movement and the powder material through the upper part of the mill powder selecting machine, through the pipeline is then set powder is collected to obtain the finished material.

Vertical roller mill disc grinding principle, according to the above analysis, we understand, can affect the milling yield and milling efficiency factors mainly two: grinding cavity milling efficiency, select the powder powder selecting machine level, and the understanding of the two factors, vertical milling machine production to reduce the amount of reason is easy to find.

According to the machine running test, we found the factors that lead to lower yields, mills are mainly the following: first, because the rotary grinding roller, leaf powder, selection of machine wear parts wear, when these parts wear, grinding machine efficiency will be changed, it will affect the grinding mill output size; second, in the vertical milling machine milling production, the use of different materials, the output size is not the same, this is because of the different hardness of the material, they have different difficulty of grinding, so the yield will be changed; third, a mill in the production of vertical milling machine, we understand that, driven by the powder material the movement is in hot blast stove, the hot air can flow because of negative pressure system in the production line, if the negative pressure system because the production line equipment damaged and can not be formed, then will lead to lower yield.

In view of the above effects of vertical mill production reasons, we give the corresponding solutions, namely timely replace the disc, grinding roller and select powder machine blade wear parts to ensure the wear-resistant parts intact, solid; a timely examination of production line equipment in good condition, ensure the system leakage; it is best to avoid high hardness materials into the grinding chamber.