The development trend of Raymond Mill in powder industry

Raymond mill is introduced from abroad a pulverizing mill, at present more domestic production. Raymond grinder is used all kinds of powder preparation, preparation of pulverized coal, such as raw ore, gypsum ore, coal and other materials of fine powder processing.

Experts believe that Raymond Mill powder industry will be mainly to the high reliability, energy saving, accurate and automatic condition monitoring and automatic control direction. It can be used for the control of silicon supply, AC frequency conversion speed regulation, oil concentration lubrication, shock absorption and other measures. The high reliability need through the principle of mechanical study on the rationalization of reinforced grinding ring, the wear resistance of the gland and improving machine in prior to the continuous working state of bearing lubrication. The need to increase high intelligent electronic control system in the interior of the Raymond mill automatic condition monitoring and automatic control, automatic control of material import, grinding, and quantitative. The operator only needs to carry on the control button in the operating room. Improve the accuracy of the material grinding accuracy need to strengthen the accuracy of the analysis.
High pressure grinding machine to replace the traditional Raymond mill will become a trend.

High pressure roller mill is in long-term powder experience in R & D, according to the number of Raymond Mill users use requirements and recommendations, in the original Raymond milling machine based on through painstaking research and design of the new type mill, thus creating a international industrial milling efficiency, low energy consumption, a new future. With the development of society, powder companies are increasingly high requirements of Raymond mill, low product fineness, General Raymond Mill fineness generally below 500 mesh, these devices can only be occupied relatively low-end powder application market and original mechanical failure rate is high, power consumption, big noise, pollution emissions large. Old Raymond Mill powder machine system efficiency is low, product collection system separation effect is not ideal, a large number of fine powder not effective collection and in the system to repeat the cycle resulting in a waste of power. The development of 3 to 5 years of new mill equipment -- high pressure mill will become a trend or even completely replace the Raymond mill.