The development of science and technology of vertical roller mill

There are also many in the market on the production of vertical roller mill manufacturers, so the market competition is very fierce. In terms of technology innovation both public house long integrated innovation, and independent innovation can be seen everywhere, throughout the grinding technology, design method and equipment configuration and control, temper excellent performance of vertical roller mill. The energy saving and reducing consumption of each industry has obvious effect, which has played a positive role in promoting the enterprise technological progress.

Vertical roller mill is from superior to inferior, learn widely from others'strong points, the dynamic and static separator speed of the powder machine. Integrated innovation of above the vertical grinder has the advantages of strong adaptability of the materials, smooth running, low noise, less wear, low power consumption, simple operation, reliable control, easy maintenance, product fineness easy adjustment and so on.

Material grinding by locking the wind feeding device into the rotating disc center, under the action of centrifugal force, material to the millstone around mobile into grinding roller. Under the action of the roller pressure, and to be crushed. At the same time, grinding material is wind ring of high-speed airflow blows, the suspended material drying, fine powder is by the hot air into the separator were graded, qualified fine powder is composed of a dust collecting device for the product, unqualified coarse powder falls to the grinding table re grinding, so the cycle, completion of the whole process of the grinding operation, fine material, drying, grinding, powder integration operation.

Our vertical grinding, grinding roller device is the use of a pair of spherical roller bearing, design of bearing and life calculation of bearing seal cavity extends to the outer casing, this new roller sealing mode without sealing fan, and safe and reliable operation of the mill.

Vertical mill unique limiting device can make the grinding roller and the grinding disc between the gap can be adjusted, so as to maintain a stable thickness of material layer, to improve the grinding efficiency, and can ensure the broken material or material layer destruction, which are not normal circumstances in the grinding roller and the grinding disc is not in direct contact, avoid mill destructive vibration, to mill, reducer to the protective effect. Therefore, the vertical grinding foundation is simple, the cost is low, and it does not need to shock absorption layer and the vibration isolation trench. Small vertical mill feed, and out of the outlet can not be soft connection.