High pressure Raymond grinding mill maintenance method

High pressure roller mill the reason it is called high pressure mill, is because in high pressure suspension and design, grinding roller hanger fastening high-pressure spring 1000-1500 kg pressure. It is 1.2 times higher than the rolling pressure equal to the dynamic conditions of Raymond grinding mill , so as to increase the production. This is the origin of the name of high pressure mill. In the mill, by means of high pressure grinding, easy processing barite, limestone, ceramic, slag, etc. various Mohs hardness is not more than 7 material.

Our customers through high pressure mill, it is easy to be made of limestone milling work. According to the characteristics of limestone and high pressure mill expanded the range of product size, diameter thick can be 0.613mm (30 eyes), dust removing effect completely up to 0.033 mm (425), less material can 0.013 (mm). This makes the work to strengthen the ability of grinding equipment at the same time, to reduce the dust pollution of tailings, in line with national standards.

At present, there are many models we produce high pressure mill main models, the equipment has the working principles and characteristics of the same, customers need only according to the actual situation of their own choice in line with their ability to work of high pressure roller mill is enough.

Next, we'll look at the maintenance method that is not connected:
When installed, should pay attention to connections of all equipment components, such as whether the fastening screw nut.

1. Raymond mill motor in high speed work, will generate a lot of heat, customers often Raymond mill motor burned out the feedback. So here to maintain the motor ventilation cooling, maintenance of motor voltage stability;

2. grinding roller, grinding ring, and the blade are needed in the use of regular maintenance and wear;

3. since from time to time, then we according to the actual situation of our Raymond Mill remind customers every 500 hours of use, should replace the grinding roller, wash and wear assessment of roller bearings

4. main shaft and other bearing No. 1 MOS2 grease or ZN-2 sodium bitter grease lubrication

5. The different bearing gas is not the same, such as bearing host every  a while grinding roller bearings need. Bearing temperature reached 70 degrees will start the alarm, to inform the bearing overheating, this time, it is to stop maintenance.