portable crusher popular in the crushing industry

The crusher industry portable crusher as the advent of city construction waste crushing and processing has brought the dawn, it can not only effectively dispose of difficult building waste, but also to build into a waste treatment, continuous production as' treasure ', will build the waste after start to clean up, sorting out Recyclable steel and wood brick, block, cement concrete block broken into aggregate, after screening, get rid of impurities, a material particle size of building materials must request, then according to the gradation design request to increase cement and fly ash and other accessories in the material, adding a part of water after mixing, can form different building and road construction commodity goods, these goods can replace the general aggregate for road bottom, this is undoubtedly the crushing equipment, energy saving and environmental protection.

The emergence of portable crushing station in the crushing industry has laid a solid foundation for the crusher equipment.
Mine equipment industry is China's  primary industry chain, in transportation, infrastructure, real estate and industrial materials and other industries can see its figure, the industry as a symbol of the rapid development of the economy has provided a lot of space, is the social and economic development.

The construction industry operating procedures after breaking ten processing technology, be recycled coarse, fine aggregate, dust and so on, can be recycled, which can be used to produce recycled coarse aggregate, the recycled concrete and recycled concrete products, recycled fine aggregate can be used to produce recycled concrete and recycled mortar, using recycled coarse aggregate can also to process the regeneration and regeneration of ancient brick brick in general, which not only has the characteristics of environmental protection recycled goods, together regardless of the compressive strength, flexural, thermal insulation and other aspects have significant advantages, each industry has different source material specification of recycled aggregate, the construction projects of construction waste recycled aggregate used in municipal construction and low priority the construction of the label, if the control from the source of construction waste materials, the use of recycled aggregate can be more frequent.