Vertical roller mill is used in different industries

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of mechanical milling technology,  vertical roller mill technology has matured, we make unremitting efforts to absorb advanced technology combined with research and development of vertical mill products, and gradually by domestic cement, electricity , chemical and other industries accepted as the preferred device grinding industry. Our research and development of vertical mill set of crushing, drying, grinding, grading conveyor in one, high production efficiency, massive, granular and powder material can be pulverized material required, and is used in many fields.

Vertical mill in cement production is mainly used for grinding cement raw materials, preparation of coal, slag and clinker grinding, fully reflects the set of vertical mill crushing, drying, grinding, separator for one, low power consumption, drying ability and simplify the production process advantages. Vertical mill for cement production has been serialized and standardized, a single raw material vertical mill can satisfy the largest 6000t / d cement production line capacity requirements. The largest single vertical coal mill to meet 10000t / d capacity of cement production line requirement.Vertical mill in the steel and power industries applications grinding coal, for the blast furnace and power plant boiler fuel; grinding limestone powder provided for the power plant boiler flue gas . Vertical mill grinding products to improve combustion efficiency and flue gas of coal.

Very much the type of non-metallic minerals such as  gypsum, quartz sand and other material properties vary greatly, which is characterized by deep-processed products and product fineness high, generally 97% by 1250 ~ 325 mesh (10 ~ 44μm) range. Compared with Raymond mill, vertical mill stand-alone production capacity can be increased by 10 times, to meet the needs of large-scale industrial production of non-metallic minerals. At the same time, unit product energy consumption down and equipment than Raymond grinding system reduced by more than 40%.
Vertical grinding mill industry in many widely used and recognized by customers, we will continue to encourage us to improve product competitiveness at the core of research and development strategy, combined with market demand, and constantly improve their products and optimize the product structure, and actively introduce advanced foreign technology development research and development to produce more high-performance roller mill and other milling equipment.