How to reduce the damage of the sand making machine parts?

Any mechanical sand making equipment for a long period of use, more or less will appear some damage, this is no doubt, the same reason for sand maker . In particular, because this is a long-term operation in the open environment of the equipment, so the damage to the more serious parts, the consequences will be to affect the service life of the sand making machine. How to reduce the damage to the sand making machine parts damage, the following is a small part of to tell you the answer:

1, we must choose the higher quality of the sand machine accessories, as the oil and grease lubrication and lubrication of these seemingly details will affect the use of equipment accessories. We all know that the quality of good parts of the damage will be less.

2, to try to avoid the use of sand machine equipment in the high temperature environment, because the device in the case of high temperature not only affect the use of efficiency, but also to cause great damage to the accessories, which is not conducive to the extension of the life of the equipment.

3, must from time to time to check the cooling system is good, the regular cleaning equipment in the dust, because the dust will affect the equipment parts of the high-speed operation.

4, to make continuous detection of sand machine equipment, so that it can be found in the spare parts in the presence of aging or problems in the presence of problems, even if there is a problem to replace the spare parts can reduce the extent of its damage continues to deepen. This is the specific measures, as long as you can insist on the long service life is not a problem.