vertical roller mill has made a great change

Vertical roller mill industry to break the silence. Because it is very good performance, and, is conducive to environmental protection work, and give it a bit of color in the work of the quality of the grinding.

The vertical roller mill grinding system has replaced the traditional production process, which is simple and efficient, and has been warmly welcomed. In this rapidly changing era, the grinder can maintain permanent advantage, obviously, if you do not continue improvement and upgrading, it will soon be replaced.

In order to environmental protection and energy saving, environmental protection, green economic development of vertical mill, R & D personnel has been in positive thinking, to realize the optimization of the milling machine while you are away from. After decades of research and summary experience, we have made some improvements, we hope to make the machine better service users.

First of all, on the transmission mechanism, also made a little improvement. For large vertical roller mill equipment, motor and reducer of safety measures, it should be caused by the design personnel and the user's attention. The working current of the bearing temperature of motor bearing lubrication oil pressure and oil temperature reducer and lubricating oil pressure and oil temperature motor, gear box vibration shall be in the control room centralized monitoring and control.

After modification, the performance of the vertical roller mill is greatly improved, which brings convenience to customers. The milling equipment set of crushing, grinding, powder, drying and conveying as a whole and its production process is simple, efficient, easy operation and control, change the traditional mill with the disadvantage of the auxiliary equipment more and complex process.

Secondly, the selection of powder mechanism has made a great change. The powder selecting mechanism is the key part of the material classification, and there are four kinds of structural types, such as static, dynamic, dynamic and static combination, and more efficient and more rotors. When the material grinding fineness requirements is not high, the static separator can meet the requirements; and in the field of high fine grinding of non metallic minerals, it must be application, multi rotor separator (classifier), to control the fineness of up to 800 ~ 1250 mesh; in the cement industry raw materials, coal or clinker grinding process, in a dynamic or dynamic and static combined type separator is used more.

Improvement of the vertical roller mill equipment to make it more on the application layer. Performance improvements make it more popular with users, and get the user's favorite. In the future mill application, it will be able to meet the use of many aspects.