The relevant wear parts of Raymond mill maintenance

Raymond Mill belongs to mine equipment fittings most one of mechanical equipment, Raymond grinding mill powder efficiency level is largely due to the performance of the relevant parts of the, if some of the main parts wear serious may will affect the overall process of milling production effect, Raymond mill maintenance related accessories and maintenance are described.

Raymond grinding powder of the principle is to rely on the grinding and grinding ring between the mutual extrusion and wear is inevitable, but we can start with from the aspects of operation, maintenance and daily and to reduce the wear rate of related accessories. For example for before grinding the material hardness measurement, if the hardness is too high, may exacerbate the wear rate of related accessories, if no processing may cause parts scrapped ahead of time, thereby increasing the production cost of the Raymond mill. There is to the material in addition to miscellaneous, to prevent some non abrasive material into the grinding chamber, resulting in material blockage or internal parts wear serious situation.

Besides the above the Raymond mill accessories maintenance and maintenance, is also very important for the choice of related accessories, recommends that customers in the original purchase manufacturers purchase related accessories, such quality and supporting are exist in the security, but also for customers to save a large part of the cost of investment.